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Latest updates

yApoptosis is now published in Database (Oxford) journal:
Publication: Wanichthanarak, K., Cvijovic, M., Molt, A. and Petranovic, D. (2013) yApoptosis: yeast apoptosis database. Database. doi: 10.1093/database/bat068.
Updated genomic information and addition of new genes:
We imported revised genomic information from SGD; Virsion Revision: 7480, Date: 04/06/2013. The updates include GO annotations for genes, protein information and new apoptotic genes; BXI1 and AIM14.
Addition of the network of co-regulated interacting proteins:
Clusters of 3-node network motifs indicating co-regulated interacting proteins were identified from an integrated network of protein-protein, and transcriptional regulations interactions, using CyClus3D. Visit Predicted motif cluster page to explore the network.
Addition of protein complexes:
Protein complexes in which apoptosis proteins are involved were detected from protein-protein interaction data using ClustONE method. The complexes are presented on the Predicted protein complex page and can be downloaded from the Download page in 'SIF' file format.
Addition of the apoptosis network:
Another schematic representation of yeast apoptosis network is added. The network is according to Kazemzadeh L, Cvijovic M, Petranovic D., Boolean model of yeast apoptosis as a tool to study yeast and human apoptotic regulations. Front Physiol (2012). To explore the network, visit the Circuit network page.
yApoptosis first release:
The first version of the yeast apoptosis database (yApoptosis) is released. The curated set of genes involved in apoptosis includes 49 genes. yApoptosis structurally collects annotated information of apoptotic genes such as pathway information, GO terms, relevant literature, and the collections of additional links to related protein information, expression and interaction data. A functional network of yeast apoptosis is provided in the Functional network page. To download these data and the network, visit yApoptosis's Download page.