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NameSystematic nameAliasDescriptionAssigned by
AIF1YNR074CCPD1Mitochondrial cell death effector that translocates to the nucleus in response to ...GO term
AIM14YGL160WYNO1NADPH oxidase localized to the perinuclear ER; produces superoxide from NADPH; overexpression ...GO term
BIR1YJR089WSubunit of chromosomal passenger complex (CPC); CPC is comprised of Ipl1p-Sli15p-Bir1p-Nbl1p ...GO term
BXI1YNL305CYBH3Protein involved in apoptosis; variously described as containing a BCL-2 homology ...GO term
CAF4YKR036CWD40 repeat-containing protein associated with the CCR4-NOT complex; interacts in ...Literature
CDC48YDL126CAAA ATPase involved in multiple processes; subunit of polyubiquitin-selective segregase ...Literature
CDC6YJL194WEssential ATP-binding protein required for DNA replication; component of the pre-replicative ...Literature
CPR3YML078WCYP3Mitochondrial peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (cyclophilin), catalyzes the cis-trans ...GO term
DCP1YOL149WSubunit of the Dcp1p-Dcp2p decapping enzyme complex; decapping complex removes the ...Literature
DCP2YNL118CCatalytic subunit of the Dcp1p-Dcp2p decapping enzyme complex; removes the 5' cap ...Literature
DNM1YLL001WDynamin-related GTPase required for mitochondrial fission and morphology; assembles ...Literature
DRE2YKR071CComponent of the cytosolic Fe-S protein assembly (CIA) machinery; contains an Fe-S ...GO term
ESP1YGR098CSeparase, a caspase-like cysteine protease; promotes sister chromatid separation ...GO term
FIS1YIL065CMDV2Protein involved in mitochondrial membrane fission and peroxisome abundance; required ...GO term
FYV10YIL097WGID9Subunit of GID complex; involved in proteasome-dependent catabolite inactivation ...GO term
HOS3YPL116WTrichostatin A-insensitive homodimeric histone deacetylase (HDAC) with specificity ...Literature
ISC1YER019WMitochondrial membrane localized inositol phosphosphingolipid phospholipase C, hydrolyzes ...Literature
IZH2YOL002CPHO36Plasma membrane protein involved in zinc homeostasis and osmotin-induced apoptosis; ...Literature
KAP123YER110CYRB4Karyopherin beta, mediates nuclear import of ribosomal proteins prior to assembly ...Literature
LSM1YJL124CLsm (Like Sm) protein; forms heteroheptameric complex (with Lsm2p, Lsm3p, Lsm4p, ...Literature
LSM4YER112WSDB23, USS1Lsm (Like Sm) protein; part of heteroheptameric complexes (Lsm2p-7p and either Lsm1p ...Literature
MCA1YOR197WYCA1Ca2+-dependent cysteine protease; may cleave specific substrates during the stress ...GO term
MCD1YDL003WPDS3, RHC21, SCC1Essential alpha-kleisin subunit of the cohesin complex; required for sister chromatid ...GO term
MDV1YJL112WFIS2, GAG3, NET2Peripheral protein of cytosolic face of mitochondrial outer membrane; required for ...Literature
NDI1YML120CNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase; transfers electrons from NADH to ubiquinone in the ...GO term
NMA111YNL123WYNM3Serine protease and general molecular chaperone; involved in response to heat stress ...GO term
NUC1YJL208CMajor mitochondrial nuclease, has RNAse and DNA endo- and exonucleolytic activities; ...GO term
OYE2YHR179WConserved NADPH oxidoreductase containing flavin mononucleotide (FMN); responsible ...GO term
OYE3YPL171CZRG6Conserved NADPH oxidoreductase containing flavin mononucleotide (FMN), homologous ...GO term
PDS1YDR113CSecurin, inhibits anaphase by binding separin Esp1p; blocks cyclin destruction and ...Literature
PET9YBL030CAAC2, ANC2Major ADP/ATP carrier of the mitochondrial inner membrane; exchanges cytosolic ADP ...GO term
POR1YNL055COMP2Mitochondrial porin (voltage-dependent anion channel); outer membrane protein required ...GO term
RAS2YNL098CCTN5, CYR3, GLC5, TSL7GTP-binding protein that regulates the nitrogen starvation response, sporulation, ...Literature
RNY1YPL123CVacuolar RNase of the T(2) family, relocalizes to the cytosol where it cleaves tRNAs ...GO term
SIR2YDL042CMAR1Conserved NAD+ dependent histone deacetylase of the Sirtuin family; involved in ...Literature
SNL1YIL016WRibosome-associated protein proposed to act in protein synthesis and nuclear pore ...Literature
SNO1YMR095CProtein of unconfirmed function, involved in pyridoxine metabolism; expression is ...GO term
STE20YHL007CCdc42p-activated signal transducing kinase of the PAK (p21-activated kinase) family; ...GO term
STM1YLR150WMPT4Protein required for optimal translation under nutrient stress; perturbs association ...GO term
TAH18YPR048WConserved NAPDH-dependent diflavin reductase; component of an early step in the ...Literature
TDH2YJR009CGLD2Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, isozyme 2; involved in glycolysis and ...GO term
TDH3YGR192CGLD1, HSP35, HSP36, SSS2Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, isozyme 3; involved in glycolysis and ...GO term
TIM18YOR297CComponent of the mitochondrial TIM22 complex involved in insertion of polytopic ...GO term
TMA19YKL056CMMI1Protein that associates with ribosomes; homolog of translationally controlled tumor ...Literature
UBP10YNL186WDOT4Ubiquitin-specific protease, deubiquitinates Ub-protein moieties; interacts with ...Literature
WHI2YOR043WProtein required, with binding partner Psr1p, for full activation of the general ...Literature
WWM1YFL010CWW domain containing protein of unknown function; binds to Mca1p, a caspase-related ...GO term
YBL055CYBL055C3'-->5' exonuclease and endonuclease with a possible role in apoptosis; has similarity ...GO term
YMR074CYMR074CProtein with homology to human PDCD5; PDCD5 is involved in programmed cell death; ...GO term
YSP1YHR155WMitochondrial protein; potential role in promoting mitochondrial fragmentation during ...Literature
YSP2YDR326CProtein involved in programmed cell death; mutant shows resistance to cell death ...GO term
Total genes: 51